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Why Conexx®?

A solution tailored for the customers needs

Our buildings do not come in standard sizes, but they are always tailored to meet our customers’ needs. Already in the planning stage you are able specify your individual needs and wants. Based on these specifications we will design exactly the building you want. Due to our clear and open price quotations, you can easily compare different alternatives and their effect on the total cost. In conclusion, our pricing is fully transparent which ensures that you know exactly what you are paying for.


The Conexx building planning process

We have the most progressive planning and project management tool unique to the market. We are able to provide you a project plan and price quote in real-time including, the latest up-to-date pricing and product information. Our rapid planning schedule saves you considerable amounts of time and money.


  • Will continue to develop the product to better serve customer needs

  • Remains safe, cost-effective buildings that withstand the most demanding inspections and conditions

  • To be the customer's most reliable partner in construction

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