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The Conexx Group is a group of companies focused on the production of steel structures. Over 1000 Conexx buildings have been built in Europe.

Conexx Liikerakennus

In steel we trust

Conexx was established in 1957 in Holland and since then the company has built strong operations all over Europe. Nonetheless, the company’s enterprise resource planning and management is still today situated in Netherlands

Our solid knowledge and experience in steel structures enables us to meet even the most challenging construction demands. In addition to having technical and professional qualifications, we have an excellent understanding of country specific and cultural differences of construction operations. We thus, understand differences in production and execution methods, as well as differing demands posed by country specific climate conditions.

Our business idea is based on highly skilled and motivated employees, continuous innovation, modern working methods, and new manufacturing technology. All this supported by a highly qualified international board of directors. This solid foundation will ensure our continued success in international markets.

We take great pride in our product development achievements for example, the FSC -rafter representing an entire new technology, to mention but a few. The FSC -rafter provides all the benefits of a traditional steel rafter, but offers considerable cost savings compared to the traditional one. The FSC-rafter combines material optimization and high construction rigidity allowing us to offer a high quality steel rafter construction, at a very competitive prize. Therefore, Conexx® will continue to be a forerunner in the continually growing steel frame building market.

We have the newest production methods at our disposal. Moreover, our design and production is monitored using the latest quality and management systems. We are therefore convinced of our ability to meet the needs and demands of modern industry, business and agricultural sectors and are proud to be here and build Europe with you.

Conexx® invests in sustainable construction

Conexx® announced the goal of sustainable steel construction 5 years ago, after which it has resolutely moved towards this goal. Conexx®'s heart of all its operations is innovation and its self-challengeing - they have produced a number of significant development projects and have also made it possible to integrate sustainable development into all operations.


At Conexx®, the challenge of sustainable development is met with skilled and motivated employees, modern working methods, new production technology and Conexx®'s international management team. A good example is their patented FSC © beam. The FSC © beam combines optimization of material use with high structural rigidity, enabling Conexx® to offer high-quality steel-framed buildings at a competitive price - with sustainability in mind.


Years of development have once again produced a significant new phase. Conexx® is pleased to announce that it has reached the second phase of its three-phase environmental program, where Conexx® buildings are now CO2 neutral and low emission!


“The work continues towards the third stage, where, in addition to the current situation, we are completely energy-neutral. This third phase is planned to be ready by the beginning of 2023. Success means nothing without a clean environment!”

Jarkko Kivelä Jan De Keizer

CONEXX - Lönnqvist
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