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Steel structures

We only use hot rolled IPE-/HEA-steel rafters. This ensures that you will have a safe and long-lasting building. The steel structure that consists entirely of IPE-/HEA- rafters will be delivered paint coated or hot galvanized. The coating will be performed with the most suitable high quality Zandleven-paint given the usage purpose of the building. The paint coating is given a 5-year warranty, while the structural warranty is according to building code.

We always use 50 years as the working life expectancy of our buildings.

The strength of materials used is dependent on wind and snow load zones as well as, the amount of support pillars used. The span between the rafters isdetermined by individual customer requirements.

The FSC -rafter© developed by Conexx® represent the latest breakthrough in steel construction. The FSC -rafter© provides all the benefits of a traditional steel rafter, but offers considerable cost savings in production compared to the traditional one. The FSC- rafter © combines both material optimization and high construction rigidity. This enables us to offer a high quality steel rafter structure at a very competitive prize. Conexx® has patented the FSC-beam©.

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